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John Jerald Ratcliff

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Added: Nov 15, 2018  

Fort Worth, Texas. "Anyone seen my little daughter?" John Jerald Ratcliff asked around with neighbours who as ever suspicious made it a police matter wasting 6 hours of resources to search for a child that never existed.

November 14, 2018. At an apartment complex, John Jerald Ratcliff went door-to-door asking residents if they had seen his 3 year-old daughter. Residents alerted police of a "suspicious person" pretending to look for his missing child. Following the report, Police dispatched 28 units including aerial search units to find John’s tot. But after 6 hours of expended search effort, a neighbor informed police that John Ratcliff had no children.

“He should have come clean way earlier,” "... We wasted so much time on this, so many resources when we had other high-priority calls we needed to attend to.”, said a Fort Worth police spokesman.

November 15, 2018. 43 year-old John Jerald Ratcliff was charged with filing a false police report. A misdemeanor.

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