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Lane Thomas Akan

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Added: Nov 15, 2018  

Mankato, Minnesota. Rookie hoaxer Lane Thomas Akan gets to work reporting himself as a hit and run victim. This is not a common one.

October 26, 2018. fictim Lane Thomas Akan claimed that he was hit by a vehicle which did not stop. Following the report, Lane was ambulanced to the Mankato hospital and administered medication for pain in his ribs. However, surveillance footage from the downtown area of the reported incident shows Akan's trip down the alley and allegedly showed that he sat down and a vehicle never went through the alley.

In a follow-up interview by police, Lane Akan reportedly admitted that he was not struck by any car. A hoax.

November 15, 2018. 21 year-old Lane Thomas Akan was charged with misdemeanor falsely reporting a crime in Blue Earth County District Court.

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