Nicole Marie Domeier

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Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. In Sleepy Eye, One hell of a lie, by Nicole Domeier, one hell of a liar, who falsely reported being robbed by a cop imposter.

October 28, 2018. The date Nicole Marie Domeier reported she was stopped a thin black man impersonating a police officer and driving a black and white old-school police car with red and blue exterior lights. The man reportedly took her wallet. However, Sleepy Eye Police Department released a press report after investigation declared report by Nicole Domeier to be false. CCTV footage from around the area of the alleged incident did not support Nicole's claims. Additionally, the "stolen wallet" containing Nicole's debit card and credit card was turned in by a citizen.

November 11, 2018. When officers confronted Nicole with discrepancies in her claims, and let her and her husband view CCTV footage, Nicole reportedly said, “Yup, I did it” On the way out of the police department she said to her husband: “Yeah, I wanted some attention because I get shit from nobody.”

November 15, 2018. 35 year-old fictim Nicole Marie Domeier was charged with misdemeanor falsely reporting a crime in Brown County District Court.
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