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Chittagong, Bangladesh. Rohingya refugee Sufia Begum (AKA Sharifa Begum) files false rape cases against innocent men, on behalf of a gang.

May 15, 2018. A woman who called herself Sharifa Begum reported that two people had ‘raped’ her in Doublemooring. Begum claimed she had given the alleged perpetrator Tk 40,000 (about $480 USD) to help her go abroad. She was then taken to Dewanhat border town where the alleged perpetrator along with another male accomplice raped her. After the alleged rape, she sought help from by-standers on the street to contact her relative, and received medical treatment at the One-Stop Crisis Centre (OCC).

However a police investigation revealed that unlike the "Sharifa Begum" identity she provided in her report, the fictim is actually a Rohingya refugee named "Sufia Begum". The rape case stemmed from the accused man’s feud with a business rival over the ownership of a store. The business rival sought help from a criminal gang who engaged the Rohingya woman to file the false rape case, according to Doublemooring Police.

Sufia Begum confessed in court that she was brought to Chattogram and stayed in the business rival's house for a week taking instructions. According to her confession to court, the business rival along with other people took Sufia to an intersection on May 14, and later to Dewanhat level crossing where she had ‘physical relationship’ with an individual. Then they took her to Chattogram Medical College Hospital, where Sufia called her uncle. She got admitted to the OCC and took the report which she used in filing a case with the Doublemooring Police Station the next day.

It is the man she claimed was her uncle who accompanied her to Doublemooring Police station to file the false rape report. After Sufia's lies were revealed, the fake uncle fled the scene. According to the confession the man who had a "physical relationship" with Sufia in the course of the ploy to accuse an innocent man, is said to be wanted by police. They "...are part of a gang who pay women to file ‘false cases of persecuting women’ to harass people," according to a police official.

The case is in progress. Check back for updates.
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