Gail Chambers

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Newry, Northern Ireland. 51-year old crippled attention-seeking **g, Gail Chambers, declared herself rape-worthy by making two false rape allegations, in what seems like an effort to share her boredom and loneliness with law-enforcement. "Who let the dinos out"!

October 24, 2015. Wheel-chaired rape fantasist and serial liar Gail Chambers falsely claimed that a man she knew called her house in Lurgan, tipped her out and back in her wheelchair before throwing her on bed, raping her and making violent threats to her. She claimed that she was left bleeding while her attacker took a bath and left her house.

The innocent man she accused was arrested, interrogated by police, and intimate samples were taken from him. He had to provide an alibi proving he was shopping in Belfast at the same time Chambers claimed he was raping her. Eventually the man was released on bail to face the aftermath, societal stigma which pushed him on the verge of suicidal thoughts. "the only time I feel safe is on my own company. I feel suicidal and considered taking tablets.", said the man.

During investigation, CCTV from an Asda branch in Belfast was checked. The man's presence in the store was indeed confirmed to match his alibi, and the focus of the investigation then turned to Chambers herself.

June 2017. After being proven to have lied, Gail Chambers refused to answer any questions but subsequently pleaded guilty to a single charge of perverting the course of justice by making a false report that she had been raped. It appears this is not the first time she made false claims.

On July 2012. Gail Chambers falsely claimed she had been raped, she was charged for perverting the cause of justice and given a suspended sentence in October 2013. On other occasions she also wasted police time with other false claims that she had been stabbed, and had received threatening text messages which she actually sent to herself from a second phone.

In quest for utmost leniency, her legal counsel told the court that she was born with cerebral palsy. They also claim her low IQ, significant mental impairment and her obvious physical disability are possible reasons to excuse her behaviour. However that mental condition was not enough to prevent her brain from masterminding two false rape claims to destroy men's lives.

July 3, 2018. Newry Crown Court. Gail Chambers again walked free with a suspended sentence. Just like that. Perhaps it takes destroying 11 more men's lives for her malicious existence in society to be taken seriously.
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