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Antoinette Rowan

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Added: Nov 19, 2018  

Miami, Florida. Frustrated grandma Antoinette Rowan reports Carjacking along with fake child abduction, in hopes of getting cops working faster to recover her car. We saw similar blend of victimhood and fictimhood here.

November 18, 2018. An animated Antoinette Rowan called 911 and reported she picked up a man whom she met online, regarding some sort of business transaction. They stopped at a gas station around 8:15 p.m. according to Antoinette. As she approached the gas station store on foot, the man drove off her car with her 3-year-old grandchild on the backseat.

Surveillance footage obtained from the gas station seemed to corroborate Antoinette Rowan's story showing her walking toward the gas station building and just moments later running back out when she saw the car speeding off. However there is one problem. There was no child in the car. Officers confirmed that the reported missing child was home the whole time with her mom, Antoinette's daughter.

It is reported the reason Antoinette Rowan lied is she thought police would find her stolen car quicker if they thought it contained an abducted child.

November 19, 2018. Child Abduction fictim Antoinette Rowan was arrested and charged with false reporting.

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