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Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. An aspiring divorcee named Holly Jenkins frames estranged husband with theft, apparently because she did not think a divorce was bad enough for their relationship.

September 03, 2018. At night. A patrol car arrived Holly Jenkins' house in response to a 911 call. She told the patrol officer she was at a Pub when her soon-to-be divorced husband came there and stole her phone. The police went to the estranged Husband's home that night, waking him up to the allegation but he told the officer he was not in the pub that night. However he showed police he had received text messages from estranged wife threatening to incriminate him. Rightly so! The patrol police realized that the messages were sent while he was on his way from estranged wife's home to estranged husband's home. But investigation nonetheless continued.

Officers checked their 911 dispatch records and discovered that estranged wife had called 911 that night from the allegedly stolen phone. With emerged facts Police returned to estranged wife to clarify but she would stick to her lies, claiming that her "friend" named "Oscar" could validate her story. But Oscar during an interview with police the next day said he was not in the Pub at the night of the alleged incident. Police again interviewed estranged wife who told officers she had rather used her son's phone to place the 911 call. But when the officers looked at the son's phone, there was no outgoing call to the police.

Sending officers on a merry-go-round with one lie after another smells like one of those instances where the fictim called 911 before thinking of what to accuse her victim of. No official motive provided but if we humbly weigh in here, could have been done to speed up the divorce filed in 2016, or just to express sheer disgust of passing the night either alone or with an undesired stranger. Speak of 'Hysterical Motives', it hurts while innocent taxpayers foot the bill for the bullshit.

November 14, 2018. Salem District Court. 38 year-old Holly Jenkins pleaded not guilty to a single charge of filing a false police report. The fictim had been ordered to stay away from her estranged husband while the case is pending a pre-trial hearing slated for December 13, 2018.

This is another case where taxpayer resources have been unnecessarily wasted on "Believe the Accuser" idiocy. My question to police would be: Why did they choose to go after the estranged husband before bothering to check the 911 call records? which one was faster / easier to do? and which one would have led them quicker to the truth? hold that thought!

In this case, at least Mrs. Estranged Wife had the decency and reservation to not frame Mr. Estranged Husband with a more serious Sex Crime, Domestic Violence, or murder attempts. Unlike the hag here.

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