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Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky. Empowered woman Amber Jones meets up with a man she knew from online dating, tries to rob him, then plays the victimized weaker vessel to fool cops. We saw similar fictimhood here.

November 22, 2018. Early morning of Thanksgiving. Amber Jones invited a man she connected with on a dating app, to her house. When he arrived she asked if he had any money. The foreign man thought she was asking for some kind of upfront payment for sex, so he declined. However she still went with him. But when they got to his car, Amber Jones tried to steal his wallet and his phone which led to a scuffle during which Amber threatened to incriminate him with kidnapping her.

The frightened man tried to flee on wheels but crashed his car in the fields. Then he fled on foot into the woods. Who wouldn't? When an off-duty policeman who witnessed the struggle approached Amber Jones, she made good on her promise claiming the man was a stranger who tried to rob and kidnap her while she was throwing out the trash.

Following the report, police in their feminocentric "Believe the Accuser" principle released the man's name and photo to the media, mounted a massive manhunt with officers from Winchester Police and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department called in from their holiday. A drone provided by the fire department was also involved in the search for the supposed suspect. Eventually police found the man hiding up street, arrested and charged him with Police Evasion, which is absurd considering the scary reason why he ran.

November 22, 2018. Later, other aspects of the investigation revealed 34 year-old Amber Jones is nothing but a lying fictim, and she too was arrested and charged with robbery and filing a false report.

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