Sara Ylen

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Michigan, 2001. In effort to create an insurance scam with fake Cancer Diagnostics result, swindler Sara Ylen accused at least two men of having violently raped her.

Ylen claimed she developed cervical cancer from a sexual assault on her by James Grissomin 2001 along with another man. Sara Ylen was regularly treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, while Grissomin was sentenced to at least 15 years in prison.

The innocent man's rape conviction was eventually thrown out in 2012 after it was revealed in court that Ylen's accusation on Grissomin and another man were a part of an insurance fraud plot. Sara Ylen never had cancer. She lied about everything and received insurance benefits plus big heart donations totaling more than $110,000.

Sara Ylen also previously falsely accused four men of raping her in separate incidences.
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Reasons for shaming

This one is simply a criminal with gynocentric privileges

by John Ang Anguilla
1 Week ago

In this era of butch dykes and feminists, it's already difficult to get a man to understand there are women out here with good intentions

by Sara Yvonne.L United States
1 Week ago