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Chicago, Illinois. Angel Ramos appears, a reckless driver who causes a serious road accident, then tries to evade responsibility by presenting himself as a victim of carjacking. fake victim.

November 22, 2018. Fictim Angel Ramos ignored a red light while driving, consequently he caused a car crash hitting two other vehicles. He then left the crash site to avoid responsibility. Later he flagged down police patrol vehicle and then he along with his accomplice here reported that armed men hijacked their Honda Accord.

Investigation into the reported incident revealed the men had lied about the carjacking to cover-up their involvement in the traffic accident.

November 24, 2018. 20 year-old Angel Ramos was slapped with a slew of charges including driving on a suspended license, False Reporting, and a felony count of disorderly conduct. Additionally he received a municipal code violation for disobeying a red steady signal stoplight.

Angel Ramos
and his accomplice here are expected to post bond this weekend

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