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Jessica Blake

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Added: Nov 26, 2018  

Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Another fake victim. Meet Jessica Blake who falsely reported she was carjacked at gunpoint to cover-up repossession of the car.

November 26, 2018. Early morning hours. Officers responded to car hijack report at Raines and Neely. Jessica Blake claimed that a man armed with a handgun approached her Buick Lacrosse, opened the driver’s door, forced her out and made away with the vehicle.

During investigation however, officers discovered the vehicle Jessica Blake reported hijacked was actually repossessed the previous day. The fictim (fake victim) later admitted she concocted the carjacking to cover up the fact that her car was repossessed. No further motive was provided but It is safe to presume she did not have enough money to retain the vehicle.

November 26, 2018. Later in the day. Jessica Blake was arrested and charged with false reporting. Watch this space

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