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Thalang, Phuket, Thailand. Well raised Aussie brat named Terrance John White loses it on foreign soil, goes falsely victimish reporting fabricated robbery to incriminate a TukTuk (taxi) driver. If he had a pussy-pass, he would have likely garnished the hoax with a sex crime like this wench here. What a disgrace

November 24, 2018. After an alleged argument with a taxi driver over not using the meter to charge the service fare, fictim Terrance John White reported to police that he was abandoned by the side of the road at about 3am, after which he was robbed at gunpoint by four people who made off with his 10,000 Thai Baht (Approx. $302 USD) and his iPhone.

As usual, a presumption of truth by the irresponsible farang tourist caused Sakoo police to open an investigation with Thalang police into Terrance White's claims - with a team searching the area where he claimed the incident happened, interviewing possible witnesses closest to the area. But no evidences were found to corroborate fictim's claim.

November 26, 2018. Terrance John White was re-interviewed by officers at the Thalang Police Station during which he confessed he was not robbed. He had made a false report. And what about the fare disagreement with the TukTuk driver? That too was false. The truth is, the TukTuk driver charged the fictim fairly and dropped him off at his hotel without incident. However, Terrance White was too "wasted" to keep up with the courtesy in the confusion of not remembering what he did to himself and his belongings. "Blame Intoxication", reminds us of the other hysterically equipped farang here. “The reality is that he was very drunk and he lost his property himself and he didn’t know where it was,” a Police Colonel said.

At this time, 19 year-old Terrance John White from InnisFail faces no legal consequence of his actions, but fictimhoods like this are the reason Asians are very skeptical dealing with westerners. They increasingly see us as no better than good enough money bags scoring less than zero in social morality. You would be forgiven for blaming our victimology-sponsored decline in self-responsibility exported by our finest fictims here and here. God help us all

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