Anna Marie Harroun

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Mankato, Minnesota. Toxic female fictimhood privilege exhibited by Anna Harroun holds man hostage on a false rape claim wasting taxpayer resources until a piece of evidence miraculously unhooked him. The fictim (false victim) claims she was forced by another to make the false accusation.

October 07, 2018. Anna Marie Harroun met with officers and reported a sexual assault and rape which she alleged occurred on August 19, 2018. An investigation was launched. Detectives apprehended the named male suspect who was well acquainted with the fictim, collected DNA samples from him and his car. Possible witnesses were interviewed in the process. Police reportedly spent many hours investigating the accusation under "Believe The Victim" principles.

However, the accused man was eventually able to provide phone conversation recordings and text messages dated from October 25, 2018 between himself and the fictim. Including one in which Anna Harroun said “I’m dropping the charges, by the way.", "I’m going to tell them the truth that I was coerced and made it up.”, according to court documents.

October 30, 2018. In a follow-up interview with officers, Anna Marie Harroun confessed she had consensual sexual relationship with the accused man. She further claimed she was "coerced" by a "third party" to make the false report. Anna claims the mastermind had threatened to "take away her babies" because she is pregnant, so she went ahead with the false allegation against the innocent man. Yeah right! Let's blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the rain, blame it on the boogeyman, anything but herself. You would be forgiven for wondering why she chose to incriminate an innocent man rather than report the so-called "third-party" mastermind who "coerced" her to make the false allegation? Hold that thought!

November 27, 2018. Blue Earth County District Court. 31 year-old fictim Anna Marie Harroun was charged with misdemeanor falsely reporting a crime. She is highly likely to be spared the pokey.

Imagine how far this would have gone if the hostage (accused man) did not miraculously squeeze out evidence proving his innocence after being accused? Needless to say the frequency of occurrence of this type of false accusation renders it boring to absorb let alone present. But there is an extra worry in this one. A transfer of responsibility which is by the way commonly accepted in our judicial system. In a feminocentric society which rids women of responsibilities, what are the odds any woman making a false allegation - instead of blaming her circumstances (like they commonly do), she blames another person for it? in that way she could kill 2 people with one bullet? 2019 will see an increase in this so-called "third-party" blame game.
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