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Pierre, Hughes County, South Dakota. "I'm a victim of Assault". Angry chick, Kira Waln, takes it out on innocent individual by making a false police report against him.

November 28, 2018. fictim Kira Waln reported to police she had been the victim of an assault. An investigation was immediately launched into the allegation.

November 29, 2018. Officers did a follow-up interview with Kira Waln during investigation, but she suddenly confessed that her claim was a fabrication, no assault had taken place. She added that she was only upset with the person and then she decided to falsely accuse them of a crime. So, (taking this out of context) ladies and gentlemen, I lied because I was mad, can we move the F on now? Not that simple. A taxpayer resource waster on hysteria deserves a little lesson if not a strong message to deter other fictims.

Later in the day, Pierre Police Department charged 21 year-old Kira Waln with False Reporting and she was booked in Hughes County Jail. In South Dakota, False Reporting is a Class 1 misdemeanor which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison if convicted, and / or a maximum fine of $2,000. However, you are safe to bet this fictim will be spared the pokey
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