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El Paso, Texas. Bored hubby Jorge Parra takes a night out across the border binge-partying with buddies, then covers it up from his wife by feigning his own kidnap. Panicked wife takes to cops, making things more official than fictim hoped for.

November 25, 2018. Wife of Jorge Parra showed up at El Paso Police HQ reporting that she had received a call from her allegedly kidnapped husband. The Crimes Against Persons Unit (CAPU) launched an investigation and spoke on phone with Jorge Parra himself who at that time claimed he had already been released by his abductors. He told officers he was kidnapped and forced to make an ATM withdrawal. In order to make his fabrication believable, Jorge went to CCTV camera locations with his buddies whom he attempted to pose as his abductors, leaving a trail to corroborate his claims. But this did not fool the cops.

November 26, 2018. On his way back from Juárez, Mexico, Jorge Parra was stopped by U.S. Border control officers because the car he drove had been reported stolen during the kidnapping report. During the interview with law enforcement, Jorge Parra confessed he concocted the kidnapping story as an excuse for his wife.

The truth is he had driven to Juárez, Mexico for the bringe-drinking, booze, partying, using controlled substances, intoxication, etc with his friends without having informed his wife in advance. And then he made up an excuse initially not thinking his wife would inform the police. Of course she would. Many people kidnapped in Mexico often do not make it back alive. News of a kidnap along the border area is a big deal and his wife handled it the right by informing police. Anyway, a warrant was issued for Jorge Parra by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

November 28, 2018. 39 year-old Jorge Parra was arrested and booked in jail on one charge of making a false police report. He was released on a $2,000 bond.
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