Daniel Mullan

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Austin, Texas. UT student and rookie dealer of sorts Daniel Mullan attempts to use police as thugs to punish another dealer by reporting himself as a kidnap and robbery victim of the other. Attempt backfires.

November 07, 2018. University of Texas sophomore and dealer Daniel Mullan told police he had been lured into a car by two black men one of whom allegedly had a gun. Fictim claimed he was forced to an ATM where he withdrew over $4,000 from his account, after which one of the men took the money from him and forced him out of the vehicle.

An investigation was launched, the two suspects were apprehended. While being interviewed by police, the suspects gave a completely different account of the incident saying they did not kidnap or rob the fictim, but rather, as one of the men said, he had been inside Daniel Mullan's apartment, later he was driven around to several ATM locations to withdraw money to change for some drug deal. He was able to describe the inside of the fictim's apartment which police verified. Daniel was promised a certain payment for his involvement in the deal, according to police. After the transaction, Daniel Mullan voluntarily got out of the vehicle. That same day he decided to make the police report because he allegedly was not paid as promised.

When asked why he lied, Daniel Mullan responded in jumble-talk mode: "Yes as soon as like I'm having to go to the police with this I'm going to have to say that they had some intent of threat rather than two guys that looked kind of scary intimidated me," adding "no gun just two intimidating looking blacks,". This fictim is a perfect example of the manifestation of the popular libtardism doctrine that men should show vulnerability. What a pussy.

November 30, 2018. 20-year-old Daniel Mullan was booked in Travis County Jail on a perjury charge and false reporting.
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