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Lochgelly, Scotland. Lisa Cassandra Carcary takes it out on another female with a false assault and robbery allegation. The other female wins while fictim is sent to jail.

June 14, 2017. fictim Lisa Cassandra Carcary made a bogus allegation claiming that a couple of hours after midnight, she made an ATM withdrawal. Then the other female knocked her to the ground and robbed her of the £90 (Approx. $110 USD). The accused female interviewed by police refuted the claims saying she rarely went out at night as she had her children to look after. The accused woman also said that Lisa is a well known drug addict possibly trying to get a crisis loan through the false accusation.

Police however extended their investigation to checking the area where the incident allegedly happened. CCTV from the area along with other evidence did not corroborate Lisa Carcary’s story. The fictim herself eventually confessed that she falsely told police officers that she had been assaulted and robbed and attempted to incriminated a named woman in the process, she wasted police time and public money.

December 01, 2018. Dunfermline. 28 year-old Lisa Cassandra Carcary was jailed for 4 months. The court was told she remembered little of what she had said to the police after having consumed a liter of vodka along with Valium, DunfermlinePress reports.

Even though this fictimhood is appalling, based on our analysis of Lisa Carcary's situation, she needs help and she needs it fast. This is one fictim you would not be wrong to sympathize with.

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