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Asmae Khan

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was supposed to be a happy marriage but something went wrong. Empowered wife Asmae Khan orchestrated Domestic Violence to frame estranged hubby but he luckily found evidence to clear himself.

The two had met online, seemingly happy with their relationship, they went all the way tying the knot. However, less than a year in wedlock, the sustained gold-digging arts exhibited by the wife caused hubby to question her motive in the marriage and further doubt it had anything to do with love. Not exactly the "happily ever after" they hoped for, but things get even worse...

April 17, 2018. After discovering that her estranged hubby may be finding an exit from their financially burdening marriage, Asmae Khan offs the pretense and brings out her true color, making a mess of the house while awaiting her estranged hubby to return from work. When he comes home, she threatened him with "...see what I will do to you". Then she left bare-footed, punching herself multiple times in the face on her way out of the building (part of this drama was captured by CCTV camera). And then she called police claiming estranged hubby choked and hit her until "she feared for her life". Police responded in the usual way, protect and serve the pussy-pass holder, at the expense of the cock-bearer (insert appropriate words).

Meanwhile, estranged hubby who worried about Asmae's whereabouts and her safety, also took to the cops only to be arrested and charged with assault, detained overnight while Asmae Khan went with officers back to his apartment to collect any items she claimed to be hers. This tactic reminds us of the other fictim (false victim) here who burglarized her male targets' homes while they were held in police custody.

Anyway, as usual, the burden of being proven innocent was placed on the accused estranged hubby of Asmae Khan who spent a lot of money and time in the quest for exculpatory evidence to clear himself. Luckily he came across CCTV footage showing inside the building elevator which police eventually reviewed. It shows Asmae Khan punching herself in what appears to be an attempt to create visible facial injuries to make her claims believable. Asmae orchestrated domestic abuse to frame an innocent man. What was the fictim's motive though? for going as far as creating herself a shit face to get an innocent man in trouble? What's the thinking?

December 02, 2018. In an interview with A Current Affair (a 9Now program), separated husband hinted that Asmae could have been worried about how a peaceful divorce would affect her residency status in Australia, since her visa was tied to the marriage, hence she pro-acted to gain protection from the authorities while at the same time ruining the innocent husband's life for what it's worth. "She flipped my life upside down. I'm not the guy who I used to be anymore", said the estranged hubby.

Mainstream media phrases it that estranged husband "claims to be the victim". Say that again? Are you kidding me? A man who got money raped, used by a B***h to attain residency and an extravagant lifestyle in Sydney, and then falsely accused of domestic violence, arrested, charged, indebted $20,000 in legal fees, not to mention the heartbreak in all of it. Damn It! OF COURSE, he is the victim. Luckily their marriage produced no children before this happened, otherwise it could have been worse. Hold that thought!

Asmae Khan has since fled Sydney and is reportedly hiding somewhere in Australia. Frustrated that there are no consequences for her evil, Mr. Estranged Hubby has suggested Mrs. Estranged Wife be deported back to Morocco. That's arguably the least the government could do for justice sake, but a far fetched fantasy for estranged hubby who probably does not understand the system. Women like Asmae Khan and their actions represent a victory for the Australian government and its misandrist policies. They are proud of their feminoid product and will most likely device other avenues to Aussify / Australianize the fictim so that she can ruin other men.

The case of Asmae Khan is the one which has attempted to become a media sensation, but there are thousands of similar cases every year in Australia and other English speaking world, slipping through family courts unnoticed. If you are interested in this topic, start with this video: here

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