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Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio. Attention hoaxer Michelle Lynnette Opaliski (AKA Missy Rehm) falsely reports daughter abduction, but police don't find her prank funny. They rather slap her with a well-deserved felony.

December 02, 2018. Officers respond to an abduction report where Michelle Opaliski claimed that while she pulled over to fix a tyre, an unknown male grabbed her teenage daughter into his car and drove away. The incident sounded dramatic. However, no one else had witnessed and / or reported it, there was no tyre trail at the scene, and police also suspected why Michelle let the kidnapper off so easily.

Faced with logical reasoning, Michelle Opaliski eventually confessed that her story was made up after her daughter already left the area. No official motive was extracted from the fictim why she lied and that's where we come in... This one smells like a misplaced desire for attention. And she got it.. from the cops, the media, and from us. Such a successful prankster surely belongs somewhere..

December 03, 2018. 44 year-old Michelle Lynnette Opaliski from Amherst OH, was arrested, booked in Lorain County Jail and charged with a fifth degree felony of making false alarms. Her bond was set at $2,500.

She is scheduled for arraignment in Elyria Municipal Court on December 10, 2018.

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