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Souad Adel Faress

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London, England. TV witch takes her act off-screen casting a false sexual assault spell on a random male commuter. Misplaced reality some may think, but by no means an accident. Hold that thought!

December 03, 2014. Waterloo train station. A normal day rush-hour. No terrorists planning an attack, but there was something worse - A false rape accuser lurking in the midst of normal human beings. A seeming butch dyke of sorts who later became the High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen tribe in Game of Thrones TV series, happened to share a public space with other commuters including males, what could go wrong? How dare males walk freely? Souad Adel Faress picked her prey, an unlucky male fine-artist who simply walked pass her like others did, and within no more than a second. But that was already unbearable for the screen witch.

A few days later, 65 year-old Souad Adel Faress took to the cops and complained that the male had pulled down her supposedly multi-layered pants, sexually penetrated her by shoving more than a couple of fingers in her (expired) lower punani and then hit her shoulder after he was done. Souad Faress claimed she staggered and yelled for help. The whole encounter lasted for seconds, Souad alleged. Thus speaketh the screen witch, time to release the kraken. And so the drama began

Guilty Until Proven a Saint

February 05, 2015. The decade younger male got a knock on his door by a police unit team of 7, taking him in on suspicion of Sexual Assault. As usual, the accused man was not told who his accuser was. Despite Souad Faress's failure to pick out the man from an identity parade PLUS CCTV footage clearly showing the man doing nothing but walk-by the hag with both of his hands occupied - one holding a newspaper and the other on this knapsack strap, the charges against the him still stood. Take this as the new definition of absurdity, for the Irish Ghanaian TV screen crone to anonymously declare herself sexually assailable by male while the Crowned Pussification Service (CPS) work her evil spells against masculine innocence.

Four months later, a solicitor notified the falsely accused male/hostage that he was going to trial. The CCTV evidence presented in the trial no matter how slowed down it was in favour of the feminoid gang, still remained exculpatory. And so on the last trial day, it took a painful 90 minutes for the jury to decide to finally clear their hostage (the falsely accused man) of sexual assault. Makes you wonder why it took them more than 3 minutes to come to that conclusion.

Take this as a speck in a shedload of our Western Civilization's normalised absurdities. later published the 3 most important frames from the CCTV evidence. Notice the second-by-second frames. Blue for the hag, Red for the hostage

Due to pressure by the legal defense team and a letter from the accused to the authorities demanding answers, a spokesman for the Crown Pussification Service released a statement presumably aimed at robbing Londoners of their common sense: "There was sufficient evidence for this case to proceed to court and progress to trial. We respect the decision of the jury". In other words CCTV camera showing a man walk pass a woman in less than a second was enough evidence to take the man to court to stand a 3-day trial for sexual assault, on a bill footed by taxpayers. Additionally, we should all respect the kangaroo jury of 75% feminoids which made the decision to proceed with ruining the innocent man. He found the most accurate words to describe the accusation against him: "preposterous", and his year-long ordeal as a "Kafkaesque nightmare." Rightly so! The painter was isolated, suffered anxiety attacks, could not pickup a paint brush, underwent cognitive behavioural therapy in quest to normalise his sleeping patterns, and he summed it up as being a “nervous wreck.” Nice work by CPS. Now we know who they truly serve.

The Game of Crones

Up there we said this is by no means an accident, with reason. Through all this drama, apparently Alison Saunders directing the CPS was under pressure by her fellow feminoids to increase sex crime prosecutions. And so she did by hook or crook. Since she took the position as director of Public Prosecutions, it has been rain of ordeal showered on men randomly with a 5000 increase in sexual assault cases of which only 77 landed in conviction. Common sense shall be pardoned if it conceives that going by CPS's desperation to convict males, some if not most of the 77 could have been achieved by fabricated inculpatory evidence and/or suppressed exculpatory evidence. If you heard of the CPS's handling of the false rape case against Liam Allan from which police withheld exculpatory evidence while the man's name was being dragged in the mud for 2 years, or Ross Bullock who committed suicide in limbo of false rape charges against him, or Jemma Beale here, the serial false rape accuser who was allowed to ruin many men's lives with 15 false rape allegations, etc; those happened also under Alison Saunders with a radical feminist manifesto to rip men's lives apart as she can't simply kill them all. Now, realise her £200,000 salary comes from tax money of which the largest portion is contributed by men. Think about that for a moment: Men are paying for a woman to be paid to screw men, literally.

If I may daydream here, What if it was possible for citizens to do a 'tax strike' to express their unhappiness with how their money is being used by the state? and it is. What if such a method could at least trigger a wake-up call to how much expensive damage a false rape society is doing to innocent lives? And what if that just might do the trick to begin to address this absurdity? Just a thought! Enjoy the Game of Crones while recognizing the absurdity of how society took them so seriously in the first place.

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