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Updated: Jul 22, 2019  

Newcastle, England. You heard of the murderous pedophilia ring allegations which named high profile figures and shook Westminister earlier this decade. Now, meet Carl Beech, the fictim (false victim) at the center of it all. Interestingly, he himself is an accused pedophile.

September 2014. After having pleaded guilty to child abuse image (child pornography) allegations, Carl Beech (earlier protected by law as "Nick") came forth with claims of having been the victim of historic sexual abuse by named high-profile figures and leading politicians between the 1970s and 1980s when he was a child. Besides claiming child-rape fictimhood (fake victimhood), he also told detectives that at least three youngsters had been murdered by the VIP pedophile ring.

For some reason, police decided to uphold the words of a criminal as "credible and true", and then the drama began. While these revelations were made public, Carl Beech's name was legally protected and the fictim was only identified as "Nick". Carl went ahead to file for claims from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority from where he pocketed £22,000 (Approx. $28,000).

November 2014. Scotland Yard launched a major criminal investigation code-named "Operation Midland", a shadow-chasing inquiry which eventually costed £2.5 million (Approx. $3,182,740 USD) of taxpayer money. As one would expect, the report made international news causing an alarming spotlight on the abuse of power and the issue of "patriarchy". Several figures were publicly named in the scandal including Lords and one who died in 2015 before his name was cleared.

However, with no smoking-gun, Scotland Yard's exorbitant inquiry into the claims was finally closed in 2016 highlighting more than 40 mistakes excluding the rush to "#BelieveTheVictim". Hold that thought!

September 2017. After having spent 10 months investigating the case, The Northumbria Police passed results to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which in turn charged Carl Beech with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, and 1 count of fraud pertaining to the £22,000 he got from CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) in relation to the false allegation.

January 25, 2018. After appearing in Worcester Crown Court on separate charges of making and possessing hundreds of indecent images of children, and one count of voyeurism, Carl Beech's trial on that case was set for July 2018. However, he decided to go on the run, fleeing to Sweden and living there under names like "Stephen Anderson" and "Samuel Karlsson". He even got himself a cottage in the woods which was his envisaged final destination. See drone footage obtained by The Telegraph.

September 30, 2018. On a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) Carl Beech was arrested in Gothenburg, Sweden. While the famous WikiLeaks founder was stuck in an Embassy in England, fighting against possible extradition to Sweden, Carl Beech was successfully extradited the opposite direction.

December 03, 2018. Newcastle Crown Court. 50-year-old Carl Beech was arraigned to answer to the charges. He declared his innocence and is scheduled to appear again in February 2019 for one of several pre-trial hearings. After those, an approximately eight-week trial would begin. Can't wait to know the outcome of this drama!

-- Update --

July 22, 2019. Newcastle Crown Court. After a ten-week trial, Carl Beech was found guilty of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and 1 count of fraud over a £22,000 criminal compensation payout. He had pleaded Not guilty and remained adamant throughout the trail insisting that he was there and knows "it (pedophilia ring activities) took place". The judge sentenced 51-year-old Carl Beech to 18 years in jail - a concurrent 15 years for all 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, and a consecutive 18 months to be served for the fraudulent compensation claim. His other trial for possession of child pornography is still pending. At this point, one thing is clear: Carl Beech is in a lot of trouble. Now, imagine if he was a woman, what sentence would she get for the same crime?

This case also signifies everything wrong with our victimology culture in the western world. We have funds earmarked for people who come forward to claim victimhood whether they have evidence or not. We listen to them, believe them, give them compensation money. And when we discover they lied, we become surprised and say "How could anyone do something like that?". That's a stupid question, especially considering that we have put all incentives in place to encourage people to lie, and not much in consequences to deter them from falsehood. What's worse? there is absolutely nothing in compensation to people whose lives are destroyed by those baseless/false accusations/allegations. Welcome to our "advanced civilization"

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