Zachary Taylor

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Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida. Liar and fictim inmate Zachary Taylor thought crying rape would get him out of jail sooner, so he did. But as you guessed, without a pussy, his luck could only get worse. He rather got additional charges.

July 23, 2018. Zachary Taylor, an inmate at the Leon County Jail held for charges including burglary, theft, battery and carrying a concealed weapon, made a false report via a sick call request that he was raped by another inmate. He said he was walking laps in his pod on July 20, when another inmate pulled him into his cell and sexually assaulted him. The next day, he provided a Leon County Sheriff's Office investigator with a sworn affidavit describing the incident.

After an investigator reviewed door logs and surveillance video from the pod, the investigator concluded that the incident could not have occurred. The correctional officer working in the pod and a couple of inmates who were present also confirmed to the investigator that they saw no such act.

According to court documents, when the investigator confronted Taylor about his story not adding up, the court, Taylor admitted that a certain inmate had told him that making up a story like that might get him out of jail quicker.

July 30, 2018. fictim Zachary Taylor was booked into the jail Monday for making the false report and received an additional $500 bond. His bail is now set at $14,000
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