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Jennifer Ratcliff Andrews

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Added: Dec 12, 2018  

Dothan, Houston County, Alabama. Fictim Jennifer Ratcliff Andrews falsely reports home intrusion to get an innocent man in trouble.

Earlier in December 2018. Jennifer Andrews called the police department reporting that a man was hiding in her home smoking crack cocaine in her closet. Police respond to the call and arrive Jennifer's home and furthered the conversation with her. However, through the police interview it soon became clear that Jennifer knew the man and had in fact invited him there.

No official motive was provided for why she lied but it smells like 2 crackheads got off on the wrong foot and she got tired of dealing with him at some point and wanted him out. Well then, there is no nicest way to do certain things. Or shall we say people who get high simply don't have much room for manners!

December 12, 2018. 43 year-old Jennifer Ratcliff Andrews was arrested and charged with falsely reporting a crime, a Class A misdemeanor

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