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Anna Raines

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Dec 9, 2018  

Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri. "BlackEye Raines". If you ever wondered what malicious hypoagency looks like, then look no further than Anna Raines who punched herself 10 times in the face for bruises to show, to get some male to beat up her ex-lover. It worked.

December 08, 2018. Midnight. Out of utter hatred for their male target, a gang of 2 females - one armed with self-inflicted black-eye and the other with croc tears and excitement; got another gang of 2 armed with a machete, brass knuckles and itchy fingers to do their dirty work. Anna Raines had told James that her black-eye was the result of a beating from her partner to trigger his fury and involvement. And so it happened in the vampire hours of the morning, the male target taking serious beating from the gang first by machete, then brass knuckles, then fists, sending the victim to hospital with sever injuries. In an interview with police, each of the gang members confessed to their roles accordingly.

December 09, 2018. 22 year-old fictim Anna Raines along with her accomplices: drama queen Brittany Boshears who suggested the self-inflicted black eye idea, the hypoagent activated pussy-controlled James Collins who delivered the beating on an innocent man, and Taylor Durbin who also assaulted the victim, were all arrested without bond. The detailed charges as provided by Fulton Police Department:

Anna Raines
- Two counts of second-degree assault and one count of making a false report.
Brittany Boshears
- Two counts of second-degree assault and one count of making a false report.
James Collins
- Second-degree assault, armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a weapon.
Taylor Durbin
- Second-degree assault and two counts of tampering with evidence.

This crime was brought about through hypoagency. The issue of hypoagency is not an exclusive one. In fact, it happens all around us everyday. Nature has it that the strength of the female is in her ability to use her softness to bend people and situations to her favour. In other words, her weakness and looks are her strength. On the other hand, males are natural doers and action initiators - hyperagency, and achieve what they want through physical action. However, western values have sought to defy the order of nature by demonizing and outlawing the masculine side of the equation while encouraging the female to occupy the vacuum left thereof, thus leaving an awkward relationship between the sexes and the assumption that any gender is fit for any role while at the same time retaining gynocentrism. If you're confused or going insane reading thus far, then you're a real human. Simply put, every straight adult male has been a victim of (crime-worthy) female hypoagency. But for obvious reasons men neither think of it as a crime, tag it as "toxic femininity" nor consider having a metoo movement to whine about it.

Hypoagency also claims credit for the epidemic of false gender-based violent crime accusations against men in western (gynocentric) society. Think about this fact: A female can just as easily accuse a male as she can lure him into "doing". And when she does make that accusation, it is usually the men who turn against the accused man / men to deliver the punishment. Hold that thought! WW
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