Lisa Margaret Giarmo

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Wrentham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. One lie, Two windows. How false Domestic Violence report by Lisa Giarmo led authorities to break irreplaceable windows of an 1835 house.

December 04, 2018. fictim (false victim) Lisa Margaret Giarmo called the cops and reported that she was being beaten by her boyfriend. As usual, all hell broke loose to the perceived distress of a "helpless" (but equal) woman. And so in their numbers they marched in, but no one answered the door. In law-enforcement's desperation to catch the male perpetrator, they broke-in through 2 windows. but there was no pussy to save, no cock to catch.

“We believed that someone was in trouble inside. We broke in and cleared it..”, “...The GPS locked on that address,” said the Wrentham Police Chief. In fact, Lisa Giarmo was not in any trouble and she did not live in that address. The hoaxer is just a swatter-wannabe using police as thugs to get at the male occupant of the house for her own entertainment pleasure. Luckily, the man and his wife were out approximately two hours before the incident.

December 10, 2018. Police eventually found 53-year-old fictim Lisa Margaret Giarmo on her way and arrested her for drunk driving and making a false emergency call. She will be arraigned in Wrentham District Court to face the charges.

Police assessed damages to the windows and possible compensation to the homeowner who said it could cost about $1,000 to repair. The police chief said she may be required to pay restitution to cover for this cost.

Lisa Giarmo is not only a troubled person but a seasoned troublemaker. On July 6th, 2013, she attempted to kill her boyfriend by stabbing him with a fork. He managed to escape with his life and was treated at a hospital. For that Brockton incident, Lisa Giarmo was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon rather than attempted murder. As a result of the lower charges, she did not face severe consequences of her action. Perhaps the authorities are waiting until she kills someone before they lock her up. Watch this space
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