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Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, South Carolina. Kerri Locke takes to cops to declare herself sexually assailable, just to get estranged husband's sympathetic attention.

December 08, 2018. Fictim Kerri Locke went to Mount Pleasant Police Department and claimed that a man approached her from behind, bashed her head into a tree a couple of times, sexually assaulted her and then fled the scene. Judging from her dino characteristics you would wonder why a potential sexual assaulter may go through the trouble. What's in it for them anyway? However though, as a country of laws, every allegation must be taken seriously. And so police further questioned the fictim and opened an investigation.

Shortly after the report, Kerri Locke was taken by detectives to the Medical University of South Carolina where she claimed the incident had happened, but her story would not be corroborated with the facts and timeline in the vicinity, including when witnesses had arrived the scene. Moreover, she had no injuries on her head consistent with her descriptive claims of having been head-slammed in a tree.

December 10, 2018. Officers paid a visit to Kerri Locke's house for a follow-up interview about the alleged assault. There she confessed she had fabricated the incident. She further admitted it was a hoax aimed at coaxing her estranged husband to treat her better as they were going through a divorce. In other words, hypoagency in action.

December 11, 2018. Mount Pleasant Police charged Korri Locke with filing a false police report. She was given a personal recognizance bond set at $10,000.

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