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Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California. Middle-aged thief and cunning vixen Sunmee Kim (likely not her real name) reports fake domestic abuse incident to police, accusing a man of attacking her. While the police detain the man, she steals items from his home. She has done the same to other men.

January 2018. Con Artist Sunmee Kim files false domestic violence charges against a man she lived with, claiming the man was her fiancé. The man had denied having any romantic relationship with her. However, officers still jailed the man. Shortly after, Sunmee Kim burglarized his house. When police realized, an investigation was conducted into Sunmee Kim and officers found she was wanted for a Orange County parole violation nearly 400 miles south. The parole violation was related to a 2013 conviction for the same crime the Mountain View police were investigating. As a condition of the parole in 2017, Kim was not allowed to leave Orange County but in January 2018, she was living in Palo Alto with a man she claimed was her fiancé, according to Mountain View police. In fact, she had no romantic relationship with the man. It is not the first time Kim used America's gynocentric law-enforcement to enable her to steal from men.

Sunmee Kim who used fake names including "Sunny Jean Kim", "Jean Kim", "Jiin" and "Ashley Kim", met several men from KoreanCupid dating site, moved in with them, then falsely accused them of domestic assault or of trying to rob her. When police put the men in jail, she would clean out their homes, taking everything of value.

Sunmee Kim is an experienced conwoman and criminal fictim. In 2009, she reportedly faked her own kidnapping in Los Angeles in an attempt to shake down the man with whom she was living for the fake ransom money. On December 31, 2011, she called the police and falsely reported a domestic abuse incident against a businesses man whom she lived with in Irvine. When police arrested the man, she buglarized his home taking everything of value. In that incident, she had also provided police with a fake name with no id. In the same year, she committed frauds that ultimately led to her 2013 conviction.

June 2018. Sunmee Kim was sentenced to four years in state prison after pleading guilty to eight counts of false imprisonment, four counts of first-degree burglary, two counts of grand theft and one count of identity theft. She was not charged with perverting the cause of justice.

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