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Shanette Melana Stokes

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Added: Dec 17, 2018  

Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma. Another robbery hoax feigned by a woman entrusted with business responsibilities, to make a fool out of police and the community. fictim (false victim) Shanette Stokes thinks it's funny, but police don't and neither do we.

December 17, 2018. Police responded to a robbery report at a Pool Supply Store. The salesclerk Shanette Melana Stokes claimed a male perpetrator dressed in black, wearing a mask and dark sunglasses, robbed her at gunpoint making away with some cash. She alleged the robber fled southeast with the cash. Police realizing that is the direction towards a high school, notified the school administration. The school management subsequently put the school on Shelter-in-Place status as a precaution.

A team of officers was deployed to search the area around the school for the suspect while other officers were stationed at the school parking lots areas for safety. As the investigation proceeded, police found evidence suggesting the robbery did not happen, a hoax courtesy of Shanette Stokes.

December 17, 2018. Later in the day. 23-year-old Shanette Melana Stokes was arrested and charged with false reporting of a crime and embezzlement by an employee. She was booked at the Stillwater City jail, according to Stillwater Police Department.

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