Karter Dale-Erwin Clark

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Port Charolette, Charlotte County, Florida. Sissy teacher running late for school decides to concoct road encounter with law-enforcement impersonators, to cover-up the reason he came late.

December 17, 2018. In an Elementary School where we works, teacher Karter Dale-Erwin Clark walked in at about 9:02 a.m. crying just like one of his pupils would. He tearfully narrated to the school's RO administrator that around 7:30 a.m he was pulled over by two black men pretending to be cops. He alleged one of them handuffed him while the men searched his car for controlled substance. He said when they didn’t find drugs they let him go. Deputies were alerted, involved and they confirmed that the described men were not law-enforcement agents. However they advised people to be on the lookout.

During investigation which included interviewing neighbors and checking surveillance video, detectives discovered Karter Clark's story just did not add up. According to a detective, from the spot where Karter claimed he was pulled over to the school would be a 5 minute drive. Calculating by the time he arrived the school that means the men who stopped him could have spent over one hour and 27 minutes with him. However other evidences did not support that possibility. So detectives questioned Karter Clark at the end of the school day and he eventually confessed to the hoax.

December 17, 2018. 25 year-old Karter Dale-Erwin Clark was arrested on misdemeanor charges of filing a false police report. He is said to now be on paid administrative leave. The Charlotte County School District is considering other options to discipline the Karter once the Sheriff's Office concludes investigation. Possible disciplinary action is said to be anything from issuing a written warning to terminating the teacher's employment.

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