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Idunn Hannah Schneider

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Bellevue, King County, Washington. 1 weaponized feminoid, 3 officers down. An episode of epic fictimhood (false victimhood) starring one serial rape accuser named Idunn Schneider, almost brought down an entire police department.

A couple of months ago we shared a KIRO 7 news video on our youtube channel - news of several Bellevue PD officers going through ordeal because a woman came forward with false accusations. At that time prosecutors declined to file charges against her and thus clues to her identity were redacted from the documents we obtained. But now, Meet Idunn Hannah Schneider (AKA "Crystal"), the woman behind it all, now being charged with felonies of sorts.

What actually happened?

April 2018. 7 months into an extra-marital affair with a police officer ("Officer B"), Idunn Schneider filed a domestic assault report accusing him of punching her twice. She later accused him of violating a protection order, and further accused him of attempting to coerce her into recanting the assault allegations. The slew of accusations had King County sheriff’s detectives investigate Officer B, the innocent cop out of his job, in jail and out on bail 3 times, spending a total of 49 days behind bars including solitary confinement. The same Idunn Schneider had earlier accused another Bellevue police officer ("Officer A") of rape, causing him to resign.

Meanwhile, investigation into text messages between Idunn Schneider and "Officer B" revealed there might just be bigger fish to fry. The fictim had mentioned that she had been sexually involved with other Bellevue officers, including Officer B’s “boss.” When asked about that, the man-hater decided to up her game with the ranks, this time targeting the Bellevue Police Chief himself.

July 30, 2018. Idunn Schneider went to Bothell Police and reported that she had met the Bellevue Police Chief through a fetish website for BDSM sex. She claimed the police chief had raped her on October 2016 during an encounter at his Bothell rental home. When asked why the delayed report, she claimed she chose this time only because she heard Officer B had given out the Police Chief's name in the on-going "internal" (investigation). The new report triggered separate criminal investigation handled by Bothell Police, the opened case listed Idunn Schneider as both "victim" and "suspect". Interestingly, she offered to Bothel Police her underwear which she claimed to have worn on the day of the assault. Forensic Analysis of an underwear underway, funded by taxpayers.. Hold that thought!

August 2018. (1st Aug) the Bellevue Police chief was placed on a 3-month administrative leave pending investigation into a sex crime of which he was only informed 2 weeks into his leave. He maintained that he never physically met his accuser let alone have done anything sexual with her. "I never once violated my marriage vows. I would not jeopardize my relationship with my wife nor my children. I would never offend my God.", he said.

September 2018. Results of DNA test on Idunn Schneider's underwear determined that 4 genetic profiles were found on the underclothing, none of which belonged to the Bellevue Police Chief. Investigation also revealed the chief and his wife were living away from his Bothell rental house at the time of the alleged assault. The emails between Idunn Schneider and the Police Chief were determined to have been faked, and setup by the fictim herself to support her fabrication. Other revelations on the fictim also raised doubts on her credibility: In an earlier interview with police she was asked of the Police Chief's username on the fetish website from where she claimed to have met him, but she was not sure. She provided a guessed username which did not exist on the website. She was also asked for her own username which she was reluctant to provide.

October 2018. (5th Oct) All charges against Officer B were dropped only after investigators discovered that Idunn Schneider fabricated evidence and plotted a "sophisticated ruse" in her slew of accusations in quest for the officer to be charged with additional crimes, and her history of falsely accusing men. This fctim seeks out men on Craigslist and then falsely reports her consensual encounters with them as crime. In one ad she specifically mentioned she was seeking a "no-strings-attached relationship with cops".

October 22, 2018. Concluding their own independent investigation, Bothell police released a 56 page document here clearing Bellevue Police chief of sexual assault due to a lack of "probable cause", a 'narrow escape' some would call it. In the same process he was reinstated as chief. Through the ordeal, the once excessively gynocentric police department learned the defects of pussypass privilege in our society, or you bet. The 30-year veteran chief with a healthy record of locking up men accused by women expressed himself in a press conference: "...I have a deeper appreciation of what it means to be falsely accused...". He claims this experience has made him a better chief and a better human being. Hopefully that translates to retaining some skepticism when other women use his department to go after other men for alleged sexual crimes / domestic violence. You can be forgiven for not trusting this police department., or any other police department for that matter.

December 18, 2018. 45 year-old Idunn Hannah Schneider originally from Issaquah was charged with two counts of malicious prosecution and two counts of tampering with physical evidence. She is due for arraignment on Dec 31, 2018. This fictim was discovered to have also made false rape reports in 2008 and 2009 but had often enjoyed anonymity and spared the pokey in all instances. But this time you bet she pushed it quite too far. Let's see what happens.

If there is only one takeaway from this, it should be that the pussified narrative of victimhood which they (in this case the hostages) as law-enforcement have helped perpetuate wittingly or unwittingly in "BelieveWomen" subconsciousness and subsequently punished the cockbearers disproportionately for, they themselves as law-enforcement officers are not immune to the problem. In other words, when you breed vipers hoping the reptiles bite everyone but you, then you better be sure as hell you have the right antidote. Feminocentric Morons!

Moral lesson 2: When next you see a heavy smoking feminoid like that, smell the trouble from a mile away.

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