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Added: Oct 14, 2018  

Coventry, England, United Kingdom. White privilege intersects female privilege yet again to produce the ultimate fictimhood. This time, demonstrated by Zoe Thompson who abused black men on a train for not giving up their seat to her, and then falsely accused them of sexual assault. This happens as #CornerstoreCaroline of New York is going viral here, yet there is no mainstream media attention on #TrainZoe of England.

October 14, 2018. On a Northwestern Railway train from Birmingham to London, Zoe Thompson persistently taunted a young black boy for having his backpack on a seat next to him. As the situation began to escalate, another black man noticed the argument, moved next to the boy and rather took up the seat to curb the situation. But the heavy drinking quarrelsome Zoe would not appreciate the peace. She lashed out at the Good Samaritan male with progressive abuses, shoving and pushing his shoulder while her two female friends watched and giggled in entertainment, clearly impressed with her 'female empowerment performance'. Then TrainZoe upped the invective with outright racism by suggesting the cash in the man's hand was earned from drug dealing.

The uncomfortable male then began to film the incident on his cellphone, at which point Zoe Thompson can be seen knocking his cap off his head while consistently abusing him. She yells "turn the fuckin video off you fuckin #####". After a short while she walks off with her friends while making a phone call, and calm was restored. Or was it?

Not long after the incident the train stopped and there was an electronic speaker announcement in the carriage : "... here at Coventry. Unfortunately we are just waiting for two gentlemen to alight the service, The train will not be proceeding further while they're still on this train". The police were also waiting right at the carriage door of a delayed train due to a false sexual assault allegation. Outraged witnesses in the carriage can be heard saying things in the lines of "there is no need to delay the train" but the train service man and the police advised they had received a report of a sexual assault. That's when it became clear that #TrainZoe had played her female card.
Eventually the two men and their luggage were taken away by police before the train proceeded. The innocent males were detained for hours of questioning after which police drove them home as there was no more train.

As his only option for justice, the Good Samaritan male in question is allegedly suing Zoe Thompson said to be originally from Rugby. #SeeYouInCourt

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