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Jazmine Miller

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Added: Dec 20, 2018  

St. Louis, Missouri. Another child abduction hoax to get police working faster on a missing car. We earlier exposed this same type of fictim here.

December 20, 2018. Jazmine Miller reported her car stolen, along with her young son whom she claimed was in the car.

However, detectives later discovered the child was at home. When confronted, Jazmine Miller confessed to investigators that she lied about her child having been kidnapped in the missing car because she wanted police to speed up their search for her car. "No excuses mam!".

December 20, 2018. 28 year-old Jazmine Miller was charged with making a false police report, according to KMOV4. This fictim deserves some credit as she at least did not blame a man for her problems.

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