Nikole Tucker

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Queensbury, Warren County, New York. Another regretted consensual sex turns into a rape allegation. This time by Nikole Tucker, a collegian fictim (false victim).

December 16, 2018. While ordinary humans were preparing for a happy holiday season, Nikole P. Tucker (AKA Nikki) was drowning in feminoid vindictive victimology, regretting her earlier consented sexual encounter with a man she met via online, and wishing to destroy his life. Subsequently, she made up her mind and took to the cops claiming that the man forcibly raped her in SUNY Adirondack.

However, an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office assisted by SUNY Adirondack Public Safety Officers determined that the report was false. When confronted with evidence disproving her allegations, Nikole Tucker reportedly confessed to having fabricated the claims. No official motive was provided. Not that it matters but this one clearly smells like revenge.

December 27, 2018. 20-year-old Nikole P. Tucker of Johnsburg was charged with falsely reporting an incident and making a punishable false written statement, both Class A misdemeanors. She is to be arraigned on January 28, 2019, to answer to the charges.

If the little MeToo demon repetitively yelling in our heads is music to some while it remains a noise to others, then it is a demon which has already crossed the controversy threshold hence deserving exorcism. The question remains: How much is too much?
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Yeah so this girl tried to get with me during the fall 2018 semester. Totally illiterate, I wound up telling her I was gay to get her off of my back (only half true). She kept harassing me with hugs and bullshit stories of how her life was terrible. I eventually lent her a Yahtzee set (which she lost) just to get her to stop talking to me, which worked. I also recall her walking out of that semesters rape seminar because it was "triggering" (her words, not mine). Overall a solid 0.45/10.

by Gimbleflorp Stregolothus United States
8 Mths ago

MeToo seems to have no exceptions. The accused man must have been strong to take this. Kudos to him

by Latoya Thea United States
1 Yr ago

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