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Kristen Michelle Rimes

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Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. Racist fictim (false victim) Kristen Rimes craves attention and donations with a bogus assault and sexual assault victimization by a man. Her assault fantasy surprisingly also depicts a "man" as her hero.

November 26, 2018. A liar named Kristen Michelle Rimes reported to the Columbia Police Department that she was assaulted by an unknown black male in the parking lot of a popular Retail Chain Store the previous night. She claimed the medium-sized man in a hoodie approached her car saying “Hey, girl” then suddenly punched her in the face, forced her out of the car while her head was slammed on the concrete pavement. She also claimed that during the attack the man tried to pull down her pants.

November 27, 2018. While a police investigation was in progress, fictim Kristen Rimes took to local media. Cola Daily was one of the first to swallow and publish the hoax as fictim intended, opening with lines "Irmo resident Kristen Rimes experienced an incident Saturday night that left her in a state of shock" how shocking! especially to neighboring residents who took the hoax seriously to heart.

In the article quoting Kristen Rimes, while she was being sexually assaulted, a sort of angel came to her rescue: "I suddenly hear another guy scream, ‘What’s going on over there?’ And at that point, the guy (attacker) took off,”, . “The man who yelled never came back, I just take it as an angel sent from God right at that time.” Red Flag. It is highly unlikely that a man who causes an attacker to flea from a distressed woman does not stop to offer further help or at least try to find out what happened. Angel Indeed!

As for the social media posts, you guessed it. It almost always appears to be someone who claims to know someone claiming that something happened to someone. In this case, seemingly, someone who knows Kristen but presumably does not see Kristen when she looks in the mirror, just happened to discover and share the ColaDaily News.

Luckily for the sane elements left in society, this one did not seem to go viral though the fictim herself did make a post of her own shared by thousands.

However, a month-long police investigation revealed that Kristen Rimes made up the victimhood story. She was not even in the area of the parking lot where and when she claimed the incident had happened. The injuries she posed with in her photos are said to have been either faked, a result of an accident, or self inflicted.

December 2018. 26 year-old Kristen Michelle Rimes, a liar, fictim and mother of two from Irmo; was arrested and charged with filing a false police report and false swearing to police. She was booked at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

Kristen Rimes is not your average female victimology hoaxer. She is a master of this art and has put at least one man in jail. In 2014 she filed a domestic violence complaint against her then live-in boyfriend. Eventually he was convicted and sentenced based on testimony and evidence mostly provided by Kristen the hoaxer. After her male hostage was sent to prison, Kristen Rimes again took to social media in 2017 to tell the story and promote a GoFundMe page she setup to ask people for money, and asking for "someone out there" to help her pay bills and make her home safe again. At this line if her target audience applied a shred of common sense, it would be easy to know they could just as likely end up in jail trying to help Kristen, as the previous guy did.

This fictim is an example of a feminocentrism's doctrine product with a Schrödinger's cat consciousness. On one hand she's told she's so strong that she does not need a man to survive. On the other hand she drowns in helplessness and victimhood hoping a man would save her, while at the same time behaving like a man to make herself anything but a 'wife material'. And it gets more complicated than this. Watch this space

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