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Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas. Graphic but fabricated domestic violence report dished out by a pregnant Brionna Johnson gets cops responding impulsively to get an innocent man screwed the second time. But she changes her mind and takes the fall for righting her wrongs.

November 10, 2018. Morning. Police arrive at an Oma st home in response to a domestic assault distress call. There, Brionna Reshae Johnson met and reported to officers that her live-in boyfriend who also fathers her child, had dragged her outside by her hair while repeatedly punching her in the face and delivering blows to her head, then kicked her on the side while she stayed down. She also claimed that others present in the house simply watched him physically abuse her. Police noticed her physical injuries corroborated her claims as she further provided her boyfriend's full name and his accurate date of birth to officers. 'Go Get'em dogs!

A warrant was issued for mr. Boyfriend's arrest. However, Brionna Johnson with a change of heart decided to contact Hot Springs Police Department in an attempt to retract her allegations. This time she claimed it was an unknown female who caused her injuries rather than the boyfriend. The diehard pussypass-serving Authorities informed her that even if she did not want to press charges, prosecutors would still pursue the domestic battery charge on her behalf, according to the arrest affidavit. 'Sorry! too late, you're a certified victim whether you like it or not'.

December 04, 2018. Mr. Boyfriend was arrested on domestic battery charges on a $10,000 bond. Unknown to Brionna Johnson that her hostage was already banged up, she contacted the prosecuting attorney's office trying to drop the charges, this time, by telling the victim's assistance coordinator that another male had caused the injuries on her face.

Perhaps realising from past experience of having locked up the same boyfriend on similar charges on september 2017, life without the father of her child is not as glamorous as feminocentrism indoctrinated her to believe, Brionna Johnson got in touch with detectives several times, changing her story multiple times in efforts to drop the charges against her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Mr. Boyfriend was rotting in jail waiting to be milked 10K by flawed justice. We can give it to her, this fictim has a heart after all, but clearly did not grasp the dangers of letting hysteria lead logic and reasoning from the start. This system offers no safety nets for female victimhood regrets, no second chances. And she was about to learn this lesson the hard way.

January 02, 2019. What a way to start a year. 25-year-old Brionna Reshae Johnson was arrested on a felony charge of filing a false report with law enforcement. If convicted on this felony, she may spend up to six years in jail and/or a $2,500 bond. This fictim is arraigned for Jan. 15 in Garland County District Court. Let's see what happens

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