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San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. Professional homemaker Leah Phillip abandons her child at home for casino fun and intoxication. The fun-seeking mother ends up falsely crying rape all over the place, but attracts no serious consequences.

January 04, 2019. fictim Leah Phillip decides a drama-free birthday is not good enough for her. And so she consciously flagged down a police patrol vehicle in casino vicinity and told officers she had been raped in the washroom of a casino where she was celebrating her birthday with another female. Following the report, the fictim was taken to a nearby General Hospital while patrol vehicles drove around the city in search for the male suspect.

In light of the investigation, lead officer further interviewed Leah Phillip and noticed inconsistencies with her account of events. The officer straight out told the fictim that he had reasons to believe she was "not being honest". At that point the fictim admitted that she was lying. "Officer, some of the things I tell you is not true.", said Leah Phillip. No official motive was provided for her falsehood but it smells like an attempt to cover-up a consensual out-of-bound experience by the irresponsible mother.

January 05, 2019. 24 year-old Leah Phillip was arrested charged with wasteful employment of police time.

January 07, 2019. San Fernando Magistrates’ Court. In the lines of "She was drunk and did not realise the seriousness of her allegations" - defense attorney pleaded to the female magistrate on behalf of the fictim. Further adding that Leah Phillip is a mother who left her child home with the father while she went hanging-out, drinking and having fun. What a good mother, and this is exactly why she gets only a slap on the wrist.

The female judge leniently ordered Leah Phillip to perform 80 hours of community service starting January 11, 2019 and completed on or before January 30, 2019. If not fulfilled then the fictim would be sentenced, according to the judge. That's a fantasy though, I doubt she will even be allowed to complete the 80 hour community service before getting off the hook and encouraged to do it again. As you would expect, No punishment for the falsehood and trivializing the "crime" of rape.

Sometime ago I learned an African proverb "We start from sleep and learn to die" it plays out in this scenario when things that should be bizarre, alarming and strongly condemned are not given the weight of attention they deserve. False allegations and false victimhood are the seeds of something much bigger, much worse, much more destructive to the sanity of society. If this seed is allowed as it is, to grow in TT, then expect it getting much out of hand like it already is in North America, Kenya, and other pussified regions of the world.

The fruits of US's "Empowerment of Women and Girls" policy slipped into the UN's 17 Sustainable goals, forced on developing countries; has resulted in upgrading the stupidity, narcissism, misplaced vindictiveness and fictimhood of third-world girls progressively to the level of our irredeemably spoiled western feminoids. Thus, instead of supporting their men to support them, they go against the order of nature by craving the illusions of "freedom", independence and "equality"; and with this artificial recipe in their consciousness the stage is set. The next thing you'll see there is natural femininity hijacked by lesbians, redefined and reconstructed into a political hate movement against men by false victimology of female-hood. And of course a very irrelevant #metoott platform to garnish it all. Watch this TT fictimhood space
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