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Sierra Marie Quintanilla

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Added: Jan 7, 2019  

Waco, McLennan County, Texas. "He's a snitch". Woman in vengeful mode takes to cops falsely accusing her ex-partner of kidnapping and assaulting her. Docile #BelieveWomen police took to the media to echo the fictim's allegations with confidence and a heavy-handed response before caring to consider they were possibly dealing with a false report.

December 14, 2018. Vengeful Sierra Marie Quintanilla took to the cops complaining that she had been forced into a car by an acquaintance and assaulted at gunpoint. She had told officers in graphic detail how the man exited the car, battered her and pulled her by the hair back into the car, but she managed to escape to a gas station. The alleged perpetrator? none other than her ex-husband and current father of her child.

A manhunt was launched. Central Texas was informed about the suspect in addition to a deployment of Waco police in the search efforts which led to at least one innocent person being stopped as a suspect. That's a lot of taxpayer-funded commotion courtesy of fictimhood. Not to mention the attention turned away from real victims.

However, during the investigation, Sierra Quintanilla recanted her story revealing that she had fabricated the incident for revenge against her ex-partner, for reasons unexplained. You shall be forgiven for making your own wild guess on the mind of a masculinized by-product of man-hating feminocentric doctrines, afforded the tools to play cockbearers like pawns and stopping only when it gets boring or when there's nothing in it for 'zher'. And when some kind of controlled substance is involved, it gets even more complicated. You bet!

January 05, 2019. 23-year-old Sierra Marie Quintanilla turned herself in and was booked into the McLennan County Jail on a charge of making a false report. She was released on $1,000 bond.

After the news was published about her fake victimhood, Sierra Quintanilla reportedly posted on her social media account "IM A QUINTANILLA THIS AINT THE FIRST FAKE SHIT ON OUR NAME :-) I STAY WITH MY HEAD UP CHEST OUT." seemingly in mockery mode to whom it may concern. "HE'S A SNITCH", She is also reported to have posted on social media in reference to the same ex-boyfriend she made a false police report against. Now, who's snitching who? hmm!

We give it to this fictim for retracting sooner than later. At least she managed to stop her falsehood on its tracks before the innocent father of her child got into serious trouble, unlike this other vindictive termagant here

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