Danisa Nkomo

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Hasty driver and fictim Danisa Nkomo hits another, speeds away from the accident, then later falsely reports his car as having been stolen.

January 05, 2019. Around 7:00 pm. Mr Regis Mupakaviri was driving a Honda fit car along Rangemore road in Nkulumane when he was side swiped by an Ipsum car being driven by Nkomo. He said after the accident, Nkomo did not stop even after Mr Mupakaviri signalled him to stop, According to Michelle Gwizi, Court Reporter in an article published on chronicle.co.zw

Mr Mupakaviri followed him towards the city centre and when they arrived at a robot controlled intersection at Plumtree road and Siyephambili drive, Nkomo failed to negotiate a filter and hit the dual carriageway forcing his car to stop. Nkomo got out of the car and started negotiating with Mr Mupakaviri offering him 400 rand for the damage but Mr Mupakaviri refused insisting they call the police and then Nkomo walked away from the scene while Mr Mupakaviri proceeded to Donnington Police Station and reported the matter. The police attended the scene and towed Nkomo’s car for safe keeping.

January 06, 2019. Even after all the drama, Danisa Nkomo reported that his car had been stolen

January 10, 2019. Danisa Nkomo was convicted on his own plea by Bulawayo magistrate, and fined $100 or or default two weeks in prison for making a false police report.

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