Tina Christina Potts

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Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. Intoxication on the loose, masked by victimhood. Of all the numbers on Tina Potts's phone, the easiest one to call is presumably 911, and so she did, repeatedly. Not a very good idea.

December 2018. Tina Christina Potts decides to dial 911 as a recreational activity, going 6 rounds within an hour. She was reportedly warned on her second attempt where her misconduct could end her up, but to no deterrence, she replied “I’d go to jail”. The fictim seemingly preferred the pokey to the cold streets, so she took it to 6 and bingo! it worked to begin her 2019 behind bars.

Shortly before 2019 New Year, 46 year-old Tina Christina Potts was jailed and charged with unlawful conduct during 911 calls.

Tina Potts is no rookie to fictimhood. In October 2017 the homeless lonely fictim reportedly dialed 911 after getting herself heavily intoxicated, and reported that she had been drinking, but there was no emergency. She was taken into custody on her second 911 call. On July 2018, she called 911 four times within the same hour to report that she was being chased by someone. When police arrived her location, they saw an intoxicated Tina Potts running on the sidewalks and yelling, with no one chasing her. She was taken into custody.

This is an example of a fictim who makes a false report due to mental condition. A 'white-flagger' calling for help or to ease her boredom / loneliness without intent to hurt anyone else in the process. However you have seen mainstream media inaccurately classify masterminds, false accusers and vengeful schemers in this category. Don't buy it!

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