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Long Island, New York. Irresponsible mom's negligence has 1 year-old falling off his stroller. Then mom falsely reports child's serious injuries as caused by attempted child abduction.

January 15, 2019. Amid the expression of agony by her young with serious injuries, in whole caused by her own negligence, Jeymi Guerra Cordova decides to play the hero mom. She took to cops feigning the cause of her child's injuries that while pushing him in a stroller, a man jumped before them and attacked. She claimed the man grabbed the child while she struggled with him. Eventually the man threw her child onto the concrete pavement and fled the scene.

Of course the horrifying report triggered an investigation which turned out to declare the fictim's version of events as false. When she was re-interviewed by detectives, the fictim confessed to having concocted the attempted kidnapping incident. The truth is that Jeymi Guerra Cordova was negligent to what her son was doing in this stroller that night. The toddler eventually climbed up the stroller and fell to the ground causing scrapes on his face and serious bruise on his forehead. Luckily no "man with a thin-build" fitting the fictim's description of a perpetrator was arrested before her lies were uncovered.

January 19, 2019. 23 year-old Jeymi Guerra Cordova of West Hempstead was charged with making a punishable false written statement. She was booked and released soon after, on her own recognizance without bail. She is expected to be arraigned back in court on the last day of January 2019.

The deeper the blue, the better the lies. So it seems. And here we were spoon-fed with the notion that libtardism turned up just a couple of notches would be the end of our problems. We're talking about where women like Jeymi Guerra Cordova are encouraged by the state to be as irresponsible as possible, especially via misconstrued and exploited rights to victimology. It's okay to blame your mistakes on some man, be him real or imaginary. At the same time, we are coaxed to swallow whatever hoax comes - "BelieveWomen", "BelieveAllWomen", etc. the same spoiled women. And while she wasn't there to catch her falling toddler, our pussified state will be there to catch her when she does the "falling". Hold that thought!

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