Reed Henry

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Added: Jan 17, 2019  

Spring, Harris County, Texas. Another rookie pot dealer forgets the limits of his white victimology privilege when tougher guys take over his weed in a deal gone wrong. Instead of calling Tony Montana for better orientation in the business, he decides to call 911 and cry robbery. We saw similar pussies here and here.

January 16, 2019. fictim Reed Henry and his accomplice on a self-conceived mission to sell marijuana to a bunch of guys, end up losing the product altogether and possibly taking a few swings in the process. Stuck in vindictiveness and an inability to cut their loses and move on, they take to the cops to use taxpayer funded law-enforcement as revenge thugs in a drug deal. The pussified duo falsely reported that they were robbed and assaulted while trying to sell legal items they had posted online.

Of course police responded to what they thought was conventional aggravated robbery but soon learned they were dealing with a false report. In fact, a pot deal of sorts.

January 17, 2019. 18 year-old toy pot dealer Reed Henry was arrested and charged with making a false report to a peace officer. Bail was set at $500. His accomplice was also arrested and charged with the same misdemeanor. WW Please click login to remove links

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