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Shelby Lynn Clubb

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Added: Jan 13, 2019  

Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa, United States. "911 what's your emergency"? for the fifth time, a drunken Shelby Clubb called the cops without having decided what to be a victim of.

January 13, 2019. Shelby Lynn Clubb persistently and consistently called 911 between first interval of about 53 minutes, and subsequent intervals of about 5 minutes each, totaling 5 calls to 911 within the space of an hour and 5 mins. Why all the emergency calls? apparently the intoxicated fictim had not made up her mind what victim she would be, so she said nothing to the responder. But the police showed up to her location anyway, and found her drinking.

When asked why she called 911, Shelby Clubb denied having dialed out. Police checked and confirmed 911 was called from her phone, then took the fictim into custody for misconduct.

January 13, 2019. While being booked in jail in Keokuk County, 25 year-old Shelby Lynn Clubb reportedly said she was about to do "something stupid", then suddenly picked up the affiant's laptop and violently threw it at him. She missed her target but struck the Sheriff Office's desktop screen, and wireless keyboard. This aggression attracted an additional charge of assault on peace officer.

Shelby Lynn Clubb is no stranger to county jail booking. In 2018 she was arrested for Criminal Mischief, and wearing the exact same "Super Bowl 50 champions" shirt. How lucky!

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