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Beverly Ann Gary

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Added: Jan 31, 2019  

Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Wonder why it's almost always W##mart's parking lot on these fictims' imagination when they make their fantasies official? Even a hag did not opt to be an exception to the skank trend when she falsely reported being robbed of cash and almost carjacked. Attention Beverly Gary wanted, Attention she got.

January 25, 2019. Afternoon. Police responded to an attempted carjacking and robbery that was reported to have happened in a popular chainstore parking lot. Beverly Ann Gary told the responding officers that two men took money from her purse and also tried to take her vehicle.

However investigation revealed inconsistencies in the fictim's claims and so police decided to question her again. In the follow-up interview, Beverly Ann Gary confessed to officers that she lied about being robbed and had concocted the whole incident. No official motive was provided, but this one smells like a combination of a cover-up and attention-seeking. Well, she finally got it! We're all ears.

January 31, 2019. 56 year-old fictim Beverly Ann Gary was arrested by Lake Charles Police Department and charged with misdemeanor false communication with the intent to cause and emergency response. She appears to have been very happy to finally join the never ending list of fake victims. Let's see how that goes for her

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