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Sarah Lynch

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Updated: Feb 4, 2019  

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. Fake Heroism drama adds one more character - Butch lesbo already stuck in victimish mode for being fired as an elementary school principal adds new fictimhood (false victimhood) of fabricated break-in to her resume.

January 23, 2019. former Webster Elementary School principal Sarah Lynch who was already in a quest for victimology and justice from her recently terminated employment takes to 911 with a new victimhood claim that an unshaven white male wearing a gray hoodie broke into her home late in the morning, assaulted her, and then fled after a brief scuffle. She detailed that she fought the intruder for about 5 minutes during which he hit her several times and attempted to strangle her with an auxiliary cord, but, thanks to her (faked) good fight by hitting the assailant on the head with a candle, he ran away.

Following the report, police did a thorough investigation reviewing surveillance video and interviewing possible witnesses. It turns out the home invasion never happened. Manchester patrol officers and detectives working on the case found probable cause that Sarah Lynch concocted the entire incident of home invasion and the assault. According to a report by New Hampshire Union Leader, police detailed the inconsistencies in her claims:

1. Sarah Lynch had suggested that the intruder used a rock to break the glass on the front door, but police observed damage on the door and window trim more consistent with a baseball bat. And they found an aluminum bat in her office.

2. Lynch’s initial description of the intruder included eye color, teeth condition, jewelry, body hair, and footwear. Such detail is not consistent with victim accounts of stranger assaults.

3. No blood was located at the scene, the location of the broken glass didn’t fit Lynch’s claims that the front door was closed at the time, and the condition of the overturned toys and children’s furniture did not fit the story of two adults fiercely fighting.

4. Sarah Lynch was calm and not rushed in her call to 911. “She was not out of breath, nor had a sense of urgency. She was polite, friendly, non-emotional, completely opposite to other victims I have spoken to,” said a detective on the case.

5. Neighbor video surveillance systems, which had a view of the street and front stairs at Lynch’s house at 102 North Adams St., showed no intruder.

When Sarah Lynch was confronted with the evidence refuting her claims, she offered excuses that she was stressed, on medication, jobless and that her wife hated her, according to police. “Sarah said that she didn’t want to be seen as crazy and that what she did was a mistake. She said that it was a huge mistake,” a detective wrote in the arrest affidavit.

Sarah Lynch was also worried about what impact a potential arrest would have on the lawsuit she filed against the Manchester School District. She told police that the lawsuit was “really real,” which led police to think the report of an intruder was not.

February 01, 2019. Hampstead. 39-year-old Sarah Lynch was arrested and transported to the Manchester Police Department, charged with falsifying physical evidence and creating a false report to law enforcement. "She" is scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on February 04, 2019.

-- Update --

February 04, 2019. Hillsborough County Superior Court. A judge ordered Sarah Lynch to be released on her own recognizance on one condition that she must schedule a mental health examination within 72 hours.

This story is an array of victimish dramas with significance seemingly unworthy of media attention. If you want to know why she was fired, look at why she was employed in the first place - as a Webster Elementary School principal, a symbol to show your kids how Okay it is to neither fit in as natural straight male, nor natural straight female; to say the least, and the mendacious "she" oversees "emotional behavior disorder programs", Sarah Lynch seems to have disappointed the great schemers, and so they let "her" go. But "She" came back with a lawsuit against Manchester School District Administration claiming that as a result of them terminating her employment, "she" suffered “harm, including loss of income, emotional distress and other damages”. "She" also accused the administration of mismanaging funds.

Oh! for crying out loud! "She" could have gone much further career-wise if "she" simply / silently / secretly focused on the business of the day: queering up the kids; rather than making "herself" a whistle-blower of sorts. Fact! And for us, ordinary people, we know too well that when two or more snakes fight, it is wiser to watch than to touch. Hold that thought!

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