Sarah Lynch

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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. LGBT superhero, Sarah Lynch, already stuck in victimish mode for being fired as an elementary school principal, adds new fictimhood of fabricated break-in to the drama.

January 23, 2019. By their fruits you shall know them! former Webster Elementary School principal Sarah Lynch already in quest for victimology and justice from her recently terminated employment takes to cops with a new victimhood claim that a male subject broke into her home late in the morning, assaulted her, and then fled after a brief scuffle.

Following the report, police did a thorough investigation reviewing surveillance video and interviewing possible witnesses. It turns out the home invasion never happened. Manchester patrol officers and detectives working the case found probable cause that Sarah Lynch concocted the entire incident of home invasion and the assault.

February 01, 2019. Hampstead. 39 year-old Sarah Lynch was arrested and transported to the Manchester Police Department, charged with falsifying physical evidence and creating a false report to law enforcement. "She" is scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on February 04, 2019. Watch this space

This fictim's story is an array of victimish dramas but there is a significance which is not gaining media attention. Once employed as a Webster Elementary School principal, a symbol to show your kids how Okay it is to neither fit in as natural straight male, nor natural straight female; to say the least, and "she" oversees "emotional behavior disorder programs" , Sarah Lynch seems to have disappointed the great schemers, and so they let "her" go. But "She" came back with a lawsuit against Manchester School District Administration claiming that as a result of them terminating her employment, "she" suffered “harm, including loss of income, emotional distress and other damages”. "She" also accused the administration of mismanaging funds.

Oh! for crying out loud! "She" could have gone much further career-wise if "she" simply / silently / secretly focused on the business of the day: queering up the kids; rather than making "herself" a whistle-blower of sorts. Fact! And for us, ordinary people, we know too well that when two or more snakes fight, it is wiser to watch than to touch. Hold that thought!

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