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Added: Feb 5, 2019  

Perry, Shiawassee County, Michigan, United States. Whenever you hear from a wench that she OR someone was raped by a "white male in a ski mask", you're 99% sure it's imagined. Another rape fantasist Rebekah Olszewski takes to cops wasting taxpayer money on finding non-existent so-called male "rapist".

December 16, 2018. A woman's right to be believed even when lying was once again demonstrated, this time, by Rebekah Olszewski who told police that as she left a Countryside Village clubhouse, a white male wearing a black ski-mask grabbed her, pulled her behind a dumbster and "raped her".

Of course, following the report, units of officers and a K9 units were deployed to search the area for the male suspect. Hundreds of man hours were spent in vein trying to catch and punish some white male. However in a follow-up interview, Rebekah Olszewski confessed to having concocted the whole incident. She claims she lied to obtain psychiatric help.

January 04, 2019. 18 year-old Rebekah Olszewski was arrested and charged with falsely reporting a felony, which itself is a felony punishable by up to five years in jail. Rebekah pleaded not-guilty.

January 22, 2019. As a part of a plea deal, prosecutors downgraded Rebekah Olszewski's charge to misdemeanor lying to police which carries a maximum of 6 month sentence and / or $2,000 fine. However, as usual, gynocentrism owns the day .. thus..

fictim Rebekah Olszewski was leniently sentenced to six months of probation and to pay a $225 fine and perform 10 sessions of community service in lieu of serving 10 days in jail. WOW! would that deter others from "coming forward" to lie? you bet not!

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