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Proco Joe Moreno

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Updated: May 15, 2019  

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Cry-wolf Alderman Joe Moreno takes to police to report his borrowed car as stolen. Extra squeeze gets apprehended and charged based on his false report. *Despite facing charges for the false reporting, the falsely accused female has also sued him for damages - $50,000.

January 04, 2019. A cat and mouse game between the two though it may be, what did you expect in a tryst? but 1st Ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno just could not take it anymore. Seemingly out of patience, with an unparalleled frown and itchy fingers, he fired away on a 911 call claiming someone stole his car.

On the same day, his car was pulled over by police, a female driver was arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass to a vehicle. The accused female denied any wrong-doing and backed-up her account of having borrowed the vehicle with text messages proving Proco Joe Moreno allowed her to take the Audi 6 the previous day. The messages obtained by WGN9 revealed more than just permission by the fictim to the accused to take the car, Joe Moreno actually asked her to come to his house and get it. The two apparently had a romantic relationship of sorts.

It is not clear why the gap after " can have my car" is so big.

In the police report Proco Moreno claimed he “just discovered that his vehicle was missing”, leading to the arrest of the female who continued to exchange messages with him from police custody. It appears the two remained in good terms while the accused was under arrest. She, seemingly confused about the situation, complained to him about the detention asking to confirm if the car actually belonged to the fictim and why she was being arrested for having borrowed it. The fictim promised her that he would handle the situation. "Tell them (the police) to call me ASAP as I'll explain", wrote Proco Moreno in one of the exchanges.

We often see it happen the other way around that a cock carousel rider / gold-digger would accuse a politician of some criminalized romantic encounter or victimization of sorts. But why would Proco Joe Moreno do something like that to her? From the text messages, it does not seem he was trying to get rid of the female. He even hinted in response to her selfie that he'll want her again after elections. "You look fantastic ! Just need to get through this election and then I want you !", Joe Moreno wrote.

February 04, 2019. In an interview with WGN9, the Alderman said “There’s a misunderstanding that she had (the car) for longer than she wanted to and I was having a hard time getting a hold of her,”. However, evidence provided by the accused show she was actively communicating with him on that day he reported the auto theft, and he never mentioned anything about having his car returned to him, prior to police involvement.

Alderman Proco Joe Moreno made a false police report causing someone to be detained, but he does not acknowledge it as a big deal. "..I had the car back, she's fine...", "There's nothing there", he told a WGN9 reporter. He wants us to pass the whole chain of unfortunate events as a small "misunderstanding". Nothing was reported of him admitting any wrong approach to getting back his car. On the contrary, asked by a WBBM-Ch2 reporter if he was not trying to file a false police report, he replied “Absolutely not, I did exactly what I was supposed to do.”, meaning, given the same scenario again, Joe Moreno would file a false police report again. Using police as frisbee dogs at the expense of our tax money may not sound bad, but when it involves causing another individual to be apprehended and treated like a criminal, that is the final nail on the coffin for us. Interestingly, this same fictim is running for re-election on February 26, 2019. Let's see what happens

-- Update --

May 14, 2019. Former Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno who had lost his re-election bid a couple of months back, was taken into police custody and charged with insurance fraud and obstruction of justice, according to Chicago police.

May 15, 2019. Cook County prosecutors argued in court that the fictim’s insurance company was ready to pay out more than $30,000 on his stolen Audi A6 until Chicago police determined it was never stolen, according to reports.

May 16, 2019. Just a day after facing the charges in court, Proco “Joe” Moreno was sued for $50,000 by the falsely accused now ex-girlfriend for defamation. The lawsuit states that she suffered damage to her reputation and lost numerous business clients as a result of the fictim's false accusation. The nicely timed lawsuit for maximum publicity effect is also claiming $50,000 in damages, excluding the cost of the lawsuit. The full complaint can be seen here on Scribd. Watch this space for updates

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