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Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York. Heavy police response to fake female fictim's DV distress hoax call ends up being a waste of time and taxpayer resources. Fictim charged only with a misdemeanor.

February 01, 2019. Officers and resources from New York State Police, Westchester Police Department, and Yorktown Police Department including K9 units all responded to a 911 call location on Lexington Avenue. Latascha Kelly (AKA Latascha / Latasha Cobbs) with a female voice had claimed that she was being held hostage and being shot by a male. Of course, it often takes a female voice to claim she is victimized by a male, to trigger that kind of law-enforcement response.

But behold, just like in most similar cases, there were no shots fired in the area, and no incident to deal with. The call was a hoax. In fact, Latascha Kelly had already left the area and later called police from another location to say she no longer needed their help. Investigation determined the swatting attempt came as a result of a domestic argument during or after which Latascha thought it was a good idea to incriminate her male partner with a false police report.

February 02, 2019. 47 year-old Latascha N. Kelly was arrested by New York State Police and charged with a Class A misdemeanor: third-degree false report of an incident. She will be arraigned in Cortlandt Court on February 11, 2019. Watch this space.

On one of her Social Media account profiles, Latascha Kelly declares herself beautiful and available. "I am a single beautiful woman ready for any that's come my way", She writes. A little bird told me that means: Come at your own risk for a life of domestic disputes and false police reports. A word they say is enough for the wise.
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