Lauren Emily Pearson

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Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina. Another frat party sex re-invented as a rape saga. This time, by mendacious skank and rape fantasist Lauren Pearson who raised false rape alarm after having consensual sex with a male college mate.

April 29, 2018. After a dorm party, lying skank Lauren Emily Pearson called the Hartsville Police Department and reported that fellow Coker College student had sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of the block where the party was held. She claimed that college male athlete kidnapped her against her will, covered her mouth to prevent her screams, pinned her down, and forcibly raped her, then later released her saying ‘you can go now'.

Following the report, an investigation was launched. Lauren Pearson was taken to hospital and a sexual assault exam was conducted. The 19-year-old soccer player she accused, though he vehemently denied the accusations, was arrested by police and charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping. He was jailed in W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center where his bond was set at a whopping $100,000. His family was forced to incur expenses traveling to South Carolina, paying attorney fees and bail bonds. Even after his release from jail with no evidence to support the rape allegations against him, he was still suspended by Coker College, removed from his soccer team and banned from the campus. Consequently, his family was also forced to clean out his dorm room. All these happened only because a skank said something.

During investigation which included rape test results and interviewing Lauren's friends and acquaintances of her accused male, the police concluded that things did not add up. Hartsville Police Lt. Mark Blair indicated "ms.Pearson lied about the sexual assault".

May 03, 2018. 19-year-old Lauren Emily Pearson was taken in custody and charged with filing a false police report in connection with the rape allegation. According to Blair, the solicitor’s office will ultimately decide if the charges against her victim will be dropped.

That decision process is at best, absurd. After discovering that an accuser's allegation was false, you need a lengthy process to "decide if" the falsely accused deserves to have charges against him dropped. That's the type of Law Enforcement logic we're dealing with in this country. Shame on Fictims
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