Leslie Damon

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Watertown, Jefferson County, New York. Empowered woman Leslie Damon violently shatters ashtray on a man's head, then falsely reports to police that the man assaulted her. We saw similar fictimhood countless times here , here , here , here , etc

February 09, 2019. A normal day. The people of New York State were getting some relief from the intense cold weather suffered in previous weeks. But while normal humans were happy for the warming season, one fictim remained cold and bitter, even looking to kill someone if you will. Weapon of choice? an ashtray. fictim Leslie J. Damon aimed it at a man's head, then threw with all her might, hitting her target so hard on the head that the tray broke into pieces. Bleugh! It is highly likely but not officially clear if the fictim had any relationship with the man she tried to kill, nor what led to the violence but breaking the man's head was apparently not bad enough for Leslie. She decided to further incriminate the man and send him to jail.

February 11, 2019. The same Leslie Damon called 911 and falsely reported that the same man had assaulted her. However, further looking into the matter by officers determined they were dealing with a perpetual lying fictim.

February 16, 2019. 39-year-old Leslie J. Damon was charged with third-degree false reporting of an incident, fourth-degree criminal mischief, and also cited with second-degree harassment - All misdemeanors. She was arrested but released shortly after on an appearance ticket.

All misdemeanors, no jail, no bail, nothing. It's like: thanks for your time here for breaking a man's head, you're basically free to go aiming ashtrays at other men's heads. Now switch sides. Imagine if a man did the same, aiming at a woman's head with a thick ashtray? This is another instance to prove "equality" is a fat lie. That's why EqualityMongers are the same advocates of female superiority (AKA "women empowerment") which is a process of masculinizing our women to queerness while eroding their natural femininity. What society does that lead us to? No special wisdom is required to decode the agenda. Hold that thought!
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