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Dayna Morales

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Dec 8, 2013  

Bridgewater, New Jersey. Butch dyke waitress hoping to catch attention on Have A Gay Day fakes victimhood by writing a hateful comment to herself on printed bill, then blaming it on straight innocent customers who tipped her appropriately. Queerific!

November 13, 2013. Gallop Asian Bistro. "Im sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with with your lifestyle & how you live your life", written on a restaurant bill and given to Dayna Morales, or so "she" claimed. "She" took to Have A Gay Day FB page and vented "her" fabricated victimhood posting the merchants copy of the bill. Low and behold, the fictim's hoax went viral with thousands of likes and shares. and even her comment on the hoax raked in thousands of likes and hundreds of replies within a few hours, almost all showing the fake victim nothing but love, attention and / or sympathy. Virtual humanoids poured out thier hearts without reserve, including hets, with one seemingly apologizing on behalf of straight people: "...I beg your forgiveness for these ignorant people," it writes.

By the viral hoax, our attention-queer apparently had the best "Gay Day" any dyke could hope for online, but "she" didn't end it there. "She" took to PIX11 in a televised interview reaffirming "her" victimhood. Meanwhile, pussific pro-gays quickly shared a paypal account in Dayna Morales' name through which "she" netted over $3,000 within a few weeks. One of the first people to donate claimed it was in hopes Dayna could "make up for the tip she lost", while Dayna claimed "she" was donating the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. But some reports suggest spokesman for the group denied having received any donations from Dayna Morales.

November 25, 2013. Amid the hoax continuing to spread like wildfire, the head of the heterosexual family which Dayna Morales claimed victimized her, came forth with the truth to NBC 4 New York, providing the original version of the customer receipt showing he tipped Dayna $18 and did not make any homophobic comments towards "her". They also provided their credit-card statement to support the facts. Former friends of the fictim also came forward to describe Dayna Morales as a "compulsive liar". Rightly so, despite the wishes of the accused family that "she" admit the truth, Dayna Morales in her last interview with NBC 4 New York maintained that her version of the incident (the Hoax) is the only one "she" stands by. "All I know is what I've been saying," the fictim said. Some of "her" naive donors managed to get a refund from PayPal.

December 07, 2013. Gallop Asian Bistro which earlier took Dayna's story as the gospel truth, concluded an internal investigation into the incident resulting in the nicest possible way to fire 22 year-old Dayna Morales. Just 6 months earlier, the same fictim was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Reserve Corps for numerous absenteeism from drills. Other acquaintances of the fictim mentioned she falsely claimed she served in Afghanistan and was the lone survivor of a mine explosive. Others accuse her of faking a Brain Cancer to get sympathy and donations from well-wishers. Hunger for fame? victimology? attention? Or are we dealing with an unrepentant pathological fibber? You decide!

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